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MTECH Partners with AGA CAD


 Based on the wish lists of Revit users worldwide


More than 8,500 Revit users in 129 countries use T4R software


MTECH are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with AGA CAD, developers of professional BIM solutions and Revit plug-ins which are designed to make working in BIM less stressful and more productive. AGA CAD's Tools 4 Revit (T4R) and BIM Solutions offer workflow specific tools that enhance the BIM process and simplify everyday common tasks - helping you to deliver projects more efficiently and better aligned to the clients requirements.

Paul Worthington, General Manager, MTECH said "We are delighted to announce our partnership with AGA CAD. By adding TOOLS4BIM to our platform of solutions we have enhanced our capability to provide our clients with workflow specific tools that can enhance their BIM process and simplify their everyday work. We immediately recognized the benefits that can be realized by using TOOLS4BIM's modular specific tool sets and AGA CAD's vision to develop solutions directly in line with the market and customers requirements. By adding TOOLS4BIM our clients will be enabled to deliver their projects more efficiently and more directly aligned to their specific requirements".


Tools 4 Revit (T4R)
Tools 4 Revit (T4R) are a set of leading Revit extensions developed and based on the feedback of Revit users worldwide. Used by more than 8,500 users in 129 countries T4R software makes BIM easier by eliminating tasks that do not create value in the process.

Experience the benefits of T4R with these *free* Revit extensions:




Smart Browser Free is a professional Revit extension for the fast implementation of Revit families in external libraries, located on the user's computer or company server.

  • Search and find Revit families externally stored on your computer or computer server by family name,Browser.png family type, parameter name or parameter value
  • Project browser: review Revit families that are internal to your current project
  • Review Revit family types and parameters containing values prior to insertion
  • Find and drag & drop elements into the project
  • Review all Revit families in 2D and 3D views (using Autodesk Design Review) before insertion into the project
  • Filter Revit families by original folders, categories, insertion types or unit systems 

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Download Smart Browser Free





Cut Opening Free easily cuts holes in the places where MEP ducts, pipes, cable trays or conduits intersect walls, floors, ceilings or roofs. This Revit add-on manages to create openings using Revit “Interference Check” results.cut_open.jpg

  • Automatically create openings where ducts, pipes, cable trays or conduits intersect walls, ceilings or roofs
  • Add opening offsets where needed
  • Change the type and shape of the opening
  • The cut offset and shape of opening can be locked
  • Change/delete existing openings as needed


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Download Cut Opening Free


AGA CAD T4R Suite includes the following Revit extensions:

  • Cut Opening Free
  • Smart Browser Free
  • Quick Dimensions
  • Sort & Cope
  • U-Value
  • Dynamic Legend
  • RAS Manager
  • Excel2R
  • Smart Floors
  • Smart Walls
  • Smart Sheets
  • Sort Mark 

For more information about T4R Suite please click here



BIM Solutions
AGA CAD BIM Solutions help secure the productivity gains in the BIM by providing workflow specific tools that enhance the process and simplify everyday common tasks - helping you to deliver projects more efficiently and better aligned to the clients requirements. Developed in response to the requirements and feedback of the world's most progressive BIM companies, BIM Solutions offer a comprehensive toolset for pre-fabricated design, timber and metal construction design, sustainable design, MEP engineering and BIM data management.

AGA CAD BIM Solutions:

  • BIM Tree Managerbaneris_180x270.jpg
  • Smart Browser
  • Cut Opening
  • Smart Assemblies
  • Insert Elements
  • Wood Framing Wall+
  • Wood Framing Rafter+
  • Wood Framing Truss+ RT
  • Metal Framing Wall+
  • Metal Framing Truss+ RT
  • MEP Engineering R-Heating
  • MEP Engineering Smart Diffusers
  • MEP Engineering Smart Sprinklers
  • MEP Engineering Smart Hangers
  • Sustainable Design Building Energy

For more information about BIM Solutions please click here



MTECH has a strong team of BIM specialists’ that has already helped several large organizations in Thailand successfully deploy and implement BIM within their organizations. “MTECH team met a demand from designers for looking for flexible, reliable and efficient BIM systems. We are glad that MTECH sees the clear benefit of partnership with our company, which will help satisfying their clients’ needs,” comments Donatas Aksomitas CEO of AGA CAD.

AGA CAD plans to closely cooperate with MTECH team of BIM specialists with intent to refine AGA CAD TOOLS4BIM solutions upon Thailand market requirements. “We are continuously improving our existing products and developing new solutions according to our clients’ needs. Therefore, we are ready to closely co-operate with MTECH team to meet their customers’ needs,” says Gintaris Aksomitas Technical Director of AGA CAD.


For more information on AGA CAD, Tools 4 revit (T4R), BIM Solutions or to request a demo please contact us at:  or call  02 652 8883