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MTECH Partners with Novade



Software Applications for the Building Industry

Leveraging Technology to improve Productivity

MTECH are pleased to announce a partnership with Novade, a technology company which develops software applications for the building industry. Novade applications are developed on a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) platform and offer solutions covering the entire building lifecycle from design to handover. Leveraging the latest cloud and mobile technology Novade provide affordable enterprise level solutions that are easy to use and deploy via a scalable, secure, and reliable platform. 



MTECH will launch Novade Track in Thailand - an enterprise solution for project inspection, handover, and management of the defect liability period.


Novade Track 

The average rectification cost for a residential housing project costing $50m is $2-4m. In other words, 4-8% of construction cost is spent on rectifying defects. The inspection, handover and defect liability period (DLP) are complex processes to manage and project teams consume time and energy to track and resolve defects. Getting real time visibility on all issues is challenging and miscommunications generate frustration with customers. 

Novade Track is a cloud based solution that facilitates streamlined management of the DLP process enabling all key stakeholders on the project to have real time access to the project information. 




device.pngFor data inputs, a mobile inspection replaces paper form. The mobile application works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Cases can easily be lodged online via computers or mobile devices and the construction team is able to track and monitor the status of defects in real time and communicate back with owners and project stakeholders. After data is synchronized defects can be allocated to the relevant sub-contractor for rectification. 






dashboard.pngBy creating the digital database for defects a wealth of information becomes available for analysis which can be used to improve quality and operational performance and take long term corrective actions. For example, reports and dashboards can be used to highlight the most common defects, work rectification trends (average time to resolution) and sub-contractor performance. 




Use Novade Track to effectively manage the inspection, handover and defect liability of you project:

  • Increase Productivity with real time access to information from any device
  • Mitigate Risks with the ability to take corrective measures early
  • Improve Performance with powerful analytics
  • Meet and Exceed Customer Expectation with superior customer service



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