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Architects and Interior Designers

Our software solutions help architects and designers to develop higher quality, more innovative projects with tools for design, documentation, visualization, and simulation, which help them to improve communication throughout the project lifecycle by more securely managing and sharing data with collaborators and stakeholders.

Autodesk Building Information Modeling (BIM) software enables architects and designers to create and communicate design intent and understand performance, appearance, and cost early in the building design process. Revit Architecture software provides architects with the tools to easily capture and analyze design concepts, and more accurately maintain coordinated and reliable design data through documentation and construction.



Design to your standardsWokflow_small.png

     - Work more efficiently, with tools designed for architects
     - Develop higher-quality, more accurate designs
     - Use both CAD and BIM bases workflows


Visualize to improve collaboration, explore design options

     - Use visualizations to communicate design intent
     - Explore and preset design options
     - Evaluate designs before they are built


Make more informed design decisions

     - Create more efficient buidling with energy analysis tools
     - Gain better insight into constructability using 3D models 
     - Help resolve conflicts before construction